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Without proper identification, you might never find your pet if he becomes lost. If your pet does become lost, don’t delay. Take the following steps to help bring your beloved cat or dog home to safety.


Act fast! Don't waste days hoping your pet will come home. The sooner you begin your search, the better the odds of finding him.


Search your neighborhood or the area where your pet was lost, and let people know he's missing. Call your pet’s name and check any places he could have become trapped, such as in garages or under vehicles. A lost pet often will hide during the day, so be sure to go out again at night with a flashlight and call for him. Sometimes a can of food can lure a hungry and scared pet to you.


Use social media "Nextdoor Neighbor", "Facebook". "Email", etc. to reach outside of your immediate area.  Check these websites: 

Lost and Found Pets, Sumter County in Facebook 


Lost Pets of The  Villages in Facebook



Call in a “lost pet” report to your local animal shelter(s) and animal control authority immediately.   Post in Lost Pet groups in your area so that they can share with friends and neighbors.  The more people who know to look for your pet, the better.


Visit your local shelter(s) in person every day to search for your pet. Many animals are difficult to describe over the phone, and only you really know what your pet looks like.


Make lots of “lost pet" posters or fliers using your pet's photo. Put them up in your neighborhood and in post offices, libraries, pet supply stores, veterinary clinics and grocery stores.


Inform veterinarians and groomers in the area that  your pet is lost in case they receive a call.


Place ads in local newspapers and on free internet classified sites such as www.craigslist.com. 


Watch the “found” ads in the newspaper and on the internet. Respond to any that are even close to your pet's description.


Call The Villages radio station. Phone: 352-750-9854 They will broadcast lost pet information for free. Give them very detailed information on where your pet was lost, his description and how to contact you.

Call Community Watch (352-753-0550). Patrol Drivers are out there driving in and out of Villages. They have come across many, many strays, who don't even live in The Villages, and have found their owners. Community Watch is staffed 24/7.




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