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March 2019

 St Charles

Hi! My name is St. Charles, Charlie for short. A little over a year ago I was rescued by Cat Crazy Villagers at the St. Charles pool. I nice lady walking her dog in the early morning heard my cries for help. You see, my mother was killed by a car a few days before and I was lost and all alone. I was so hungry and once word got out nice people were bringing me food. My current mom fed me and tried several times to capture me with no luck. Then Marlene and Cindy came along and presto, I was captured! If I'd of known how good my life was going to be, I would of been a little more willing in the beginning. I love to sleep in the big bed with my sister Gracie (don't tell but she's a dog). My favorite pastime is watching the birds and squirrels. My favorite game is laser light tag and I'm really good at it! I can also impersonate a meerkat and I love to play in water. My best feature is my tail and sweet personality. Although, I am shy around strangers. My life could of been so much different and I'm thankful to everyone for giving me an opportunity to survive. Hugs!

Sue Saylor


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